words to review for 2018-10-29


someone who’s job is to do needle works, like reparing or making a cloth.

This tailer is very famous in our community.


The position used to setup an image of a god and pray to it

I bought a niche in my home and pray everyday for good luck.

get ride of

to handle or fix something.

You need to get ride of these troubles befor your graduation.


The degree to descripe how much some thing is moving.

The car was running cross the village with a high acceleration.


be bad for or dangerous

It’s a detrimental animal, so you’d better keep away from it.


A machine or equipment drove by someone.

The vehicle driver was very smart so he got the champion of that match within half an hour, and was running with a heigh acceleartion


Dangerous or with bad temper, always used to descripe an animal.

The rampant tiger was staring at the baby when the mother was not there.



The variables are stored in different sections of a config file.


A very poor or undevelped area

He was raised in a slum, so he appraciated all people and opportunities.


the check if it is ok or the quality of something

After the jobs of the worker, it’s time for the boss to verify the quality of those products.


Easy to move or change the position

Sporters are always born with good flexibility.


Easy to show what one is thinking or worrying

The emotional girl is always unhappy and with bad emotion.


somethins used to docorate another thing

The adornments on her hairs make her looks very beaytiful.


The theory about the constructing of the earth

Knowlege about earth tectonics is the base of an earthquake scictist.


The base part of a shoe often used to heighten the height of a man

She looks very beautiful wearing a pair of red shoes with heels.


The movements of a phone when someone is calling you.

The vibration of a phone always means a calling from others.


A kind of sea animal most man like to eat

Oysters alwasy make man feel energic.


A kind of berry likes strawberry and blueberry but with different color

Most Chinese like mulberry.

popular tune

popular songs

Mr Zhou produced many popular tunes when he was young.


can be ignored

This bug is not negligible, or you will make a big mistake.

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