Did the strange dreams predict something ?

It was the first day for a new week, After finished breakfast, when i sent a wechat message to my wife telling her that there had been a heavy traffic jam which costed 40 minutes for me to drive to the parking lot, it was 20 minutes more than usual, She toled me that she had a nightmare last night, and in the dream, one of her fingernail was broken and dropped off, there was blood on her fingers. It was really a bad dream for her. And I told her that i had an interesting dream but it was not a bad dream. Because i dreamed that when we had an regular pregnancy checking in the hospital, a doctor told me that our baby in the mother womb might be a girl, or according to the checking result, it is probably to be a girl. Then my wife sent a laughing emotion to me through the wechat, I did not know why. And she sent me another picture captured from the browser on which was the content telling that when you dream a broken and blooding finger, then it is very possible that you will get a girl.

Oh, what a strange and interesting night, we are a couple, and had diffrent dreams but the dreams meant the same result (a girl will come). I will not be much surprised by these dreams. Just waitting for the new life, our new member. No matter a boy or a girl, it will be a good news.

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